woensdag, juni 27, 2007

Here we go....

Allright, here we go.... I guess it's time to be blogging in English from now on. As you might know, or not, I'm stuck in a very busy period right now.
We're busy trying to decorate our new home. Then my brother got married last Thursday. Since I'm in a bit of a state I'll start by showing you the wedding ring pillow which is partially my work. I got help from a very kind lady, Sabine, who did the embroidery by machine for me. I did sent her the fabric. I included a sase in the package with the fabric and when the finished stitching got in our mailbox I didn't recognize my own handwriting.... pfjew, time to see a doctor.
Here is the pillow

The bride and groom were happy to see it and my eldest son handed the pillow to the couple during the ceremony.
We had a nice day, the weather was good, the food was fine and my brother and his wife said 'yes' at the appropriate moment!

As I mentioned earlier we're busy decorating our new home. We're trying to make the house a home and I can tell you that it takes a huge amount of wall-paper trying to accomplish that ;).
Over the past weeks I got our bedroom, the bedroom of my youngest and the room of my middle son done. This week a pro comes by to do the down-stairs section. It would take me way too long if I tried to do it myself.
The driveway will be paved this Saturday so things are looking good. We expect to be moving by the 23rd of july! Now for all curious little readers... some pictures!

Me in kitchen... Our bathroom...

There are people already claiming the tub!

My sons got to pick a nice color for their bedroom walls. My youngest choose red, the middle one choose green and the eldest choose purple. On this picture you can see a bit of result.

The other walls are plain white so don't worry, his mental health will not be endangered ;).
Hopefully I won't forget the photo camera this week, cause there will be enough new things to show you.