zondag, augustus 02, 2009

Another rainy day...

Boy, our holiday weather isn't as nice as I'd hoped for, we've got another rainy day, but, looking on the bright side of things... I've got some stitching done, not only the stitchy part!
Here's a picture of the blanket I made for "bear". "Bear" is the favorite cuddle toy from my youngest. The stitchy part was ready, but finishing... well, you know... Now bear is really proud of his little blanket, and so is my son ;).

Next up my list of finishes is a bourse, first one I ever made. Inside is the stitchy part, L*K (Lizzie Kate) coffee crazy.

I also made another as a gift to a stitch friend who had her birthday. I'm not sure it arrived yet, so picture has to wait for a bit ;).

Next up my list is a Christmas ornament, well... ones it's finished it'll be an ornament, but I thought it might be too early too decorate my tree LOL. The decorations will be made with beads, but I haven't ordered them yet. It's the "Victorian Christmas tree" by Sue Hillis, from JCS Christmas ornaments 2003.

The Sanman may SAL is also finished! It was a fun little project, now how to finish this cutie....

We didn't have all bad weather, on one of the good days our butterfly plant really attracted some beautiful butterflies, have a look: