vrijdag, juli 24, 2009

July in progress

Oh my, I’ve got quit a few finishes to share with you. Willeke’s Round Robin is finished and received, I made my mom a needleroll for her birthday, finished a biscornu and I even made a little time for a UFO!

First things first, a picture of Willeke’s RR:

Then there’s the needleroll for mom finish. It’s a Lorri Birmingham design called “the four seasons”. After looking long, hard and not being able to trace this chart, I felt very lucky to finally obtain this chart, it’s OOP (out of print). Jenna had it for sale, did she know I definitely needed this chart?, thanks again Jenna! I choose the summer part, cause mom loves butterflies.

Another thing finished is this biscornu.

It’s a rather special thingy… well, not the biscornu, but the reason why I made it. Mmmmm, perhaps I should explain this a little? I’ve got this friend who owns a craft shop, “de Marlotte”. She sells embroidery machines, beautiful fabrics, DMC, and stitch accessories (the cutest Rico booklets and French stitch magazines). Well, Marjo asked me if I could start some stitch classes! After taking some time to make my decision I told her I would love to do a “coffee / tea morning with the possibility to stitch” ;). In my opinion, being together is the most important part, but I’ll also try to explain how to make things like a biscornu for those interested. So now you know the reason for this biscornu.

The “wijnkelder” has a long term UFO sal. It means you pick a UFO from your possibly large pile (I’ve got a few…) and you do some stitches on it every 13th of the month. I’ll try and stick before and after pictures in the side bar.

Then there’s our garden. What can I tell you about it… it has very fertile ground, this means plants are doing well and weeds are doing even better! The knee-high stage of weeds is reached in no time and removing them takes up ages… *sigh… Really it does! In front and to the side of our house is done and we also planted some new plants. Now up for the backyard (I’m getting tired even thinking about it). This is a mosaic from our garden.