dinsdag, mei 13, 2008

I'll be back

Well, that should have been the title to my latest entry. It's almost a year ago and much has happened since then.

First of all I want to take some time to explain why I've been offline for so long. After we moved to our new home we got into trouble with our internetprovider. They couldn't get their problems solved and left me on my own. After a long struggle of 8 months (yes, you did read that correct, 8 months! Let me remind you of the year we live in.... 2008!!!) we finally got them to terminate our contract.
The first two weeks were the hardest for this selfdiagnosed internetjunk ;). After that I became used to all the spare time and decided to use it to my benefit, and ofcourse my family's.
I did a lot of stitching... and I mean a lot of stitching. Before I could hardly get things finished and in the last period I stitched up quite some works, some new and some things that were on my started-but-never-finished pile. These are a few examples of what I'm talking about....

It's hard to believe but in my internetless period I even joined a new stitching group. It's called the crazy exchange . It's a nice group with the intention of sending members small, cute gifts.If you do receive a gift you commit yourself to sending a return gift within a month. The first gift I got was from Carol-ann. She made me a beautiful christmas ornament. I made her a needle-roll in return:

On the Sanmanboard I joined in a mailartexchange. I got this beautiful envelop from littlemissnaughty

I made this envelop for Angie

Well I guess this is enough for now. I'll soon be back with another update.

5 opmerkingen:

jacq zei

Welcome back! You made some nice things! but I all ready told You that :)

Simone zei

Welcome back! Glad you used all that extra time for good purpose ;) You've made some nice things!
I hope you will come back a little sooner this time :) LOL

Iris zei

Welcome back !!!
You made and recieved some wonderful things !!

Nijntjejv zei

Yeah you're back again. Good to see you :-) And you made beautiful things in the meantime.

Liefs, Jeanine

Judith zei

I am shocked to see you posting again. Glad your internetconnection is finally back. Welcome back.