dinsdag, december 30, 2008

Did I tell you about

Did I tell you about joining a Round Robin (RR)? I did join a RR on the borduurhoekje and so did 4 other members. We all choose different themes. I choose "stitching" as a theme cause I was looking for an excuse to finally stitch Sadie-Stash-A-Lot-Ski LOL. When I sent out my RR she wasn't finished, but I will finish her once she get's home. This is the way she looked when she started travelling....

The first RR I received came from Simone. She choose houses/courtyard as a theme. It's sometimes rather difficult to pick a design for someone else. Initially I choose a cute Country Cottage Needlework design called gingerbread cottage, but when I read her "wish-letter" she explained she didn't want it to be sweet, sugarry or pink.... Well, there you go, gingerbread cottage, gone out of the window ;). 

It left me with the problem of finding a new chart in time, one that would fit Simone's wishes better. It was rather difficult, but in the end I found a Plum Pudding Needle Art design which would be fit for Simone's RR (at least, in my opinion, but as you've read that doesn't always fit the bill....)
The end result was this:

I'm currently working on Marion's RR, she also choose the courtyard/houses theme and she's asked for a LHN design (another problem, but sort of solved). Since the RR should be posted at the beginning of Januari I'm off to do a bit of stitching now....

3 opmerkingen:

Simone zei

Nou.... Gingerbread cottage had ik toch best leuk gevonden, hoor! Hihi :)

Vrouwe Nack zei

WHAAAAA, stuur die lap maar weer terug ;)!

Maren zei

LOL, I love your Sadie Stash-A-Lot-Ski