woensdag, december 31, 2008

Just in time for 2008

First of all I want to wish you a good new year's eve. Be careful with the fireworks, afterall we need those fingers to get all that stitching/patching/quilting and other beautiful handcrafts done!
When I mentioned the RR the other day I forgot to tell you that one of the girls had to pul out. Her health was acting up and she was afraid she wouldn't be able to fulfill the commitment. She would have chosen the theme of coffee and tea. To cheer her up a bit I stitched her this coffee mug mat (found at the site cross stitch happy. You ought to pay that site a visit, there are many beautiful things to be found!).

As you might recollect I joined an internet group during my off-line period, the crazy exchange. We did a christmas ornament exchange and I got Carol as exchange partner. I choose a blackbird design to stitch her (the sock). Wendy Jo stitched up my ornament (joy, love, peace ornament) and I love it.She also enclosed a scissorpocket which was an extra surprise. Thanks again!

Looking through the pictures of finished cross stitch thingies I also came across a mailart. This is a design I had on my "to stitch list" for a long time. I stitched it as a RAK (random act of kindness) for a SMO board member. It's a freebie stating "Stitchers come with strings attached" (yeah, I know, the picture isn't to good...)

Then there was my birthday and soon after came Jacqueline's birthday. Here's our exchange of birthday presents. Jacqueline made me this beautiful quilt and the thing I made Jacqueline is sort of .... well, I don't know. It's lying on top of three bundles of quilt fabric and it was made in a super-duper-easy-patchwork workshop.

And there's still more! On the SMO board is a member, Cindy, who invented the Just-4-me-SAL. I just knew I had to join that LOL! Here's a picture of my progress and one of how it should be in the end. 

and meanwhile I had to start another little Just-4-me project and it's finished already!

You might recognize it, it's the second one I made ;).

We had christmas dinner with the family at our place. My mother brought me a belated birthday present. It was from my former neighbour and stitch friend Diana. She surprised me with this beautiful christmastree! Amazing isn't it? Thank you Diana.

Well, more than enough for now. Thank you for baring with me in this rather long and perhaps tiresome blog for today. Hopefully the next will be a bit more up-to-date.

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