dinsdag, mei 26, 2009

Quick update for may

To bring to memory my goals for may:
1. join in the SMO "happy may days" SAL
2. start with Willeke's RR
3. make a few fob's
4. finish the biscornu (half done)
5. finish and send FBI projects (now this makes you a bit curious, doesn't it LOL)
6....... dare I put it here again? The tea cozy.....

So far I've joined the "happy may days" SAL on the SanMan board and the best part is that I've not only joined, but also stitched most parts that were given!
Willeke's RR has also received quit a few stitches. Even better news on that front is that my very own RR nicknamed "Truus" has come home! I was lucky because Simone was the last one to stitch on it and she's such a skilled and fast stitcher! Look at the picture! It was hard for me not to look at the update pictures, but I'm glad I didn't. It was such a surprise to finally ("Truus" has been travelling for a year!) be able to see what everybody stitched for me. I enclosed a little booklet with my wishes and asked everybody to write something in it as well. It's so nice to have this little document.
Then the famous "FBI-projects" (secret projects ;) ), also sent and received! Iris had her birthday and she's really into whitches, halloween and such. I decided to make her some floss tags and an apropriate birthday card. The designs I sittched are both SMO (boardmembers only) halloween ornaments, or in this case, halloween floss tags!

Well, that's it for now, more to come soon.... (incl garden pictures and more finished stitch-bits)

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