woensdag, mei 06, 2009

Quick update...

Hi all, here's a little note from me ;). Starting with the reminder of my april goals:

1. finish and send Chantal's RR. Done!
2. put a few more stitches in Susanne's project. Well well, it's finished and already given! (forgot to take a picture though so I'm hoping my sis will send me one!)
3. finally make at least a start with that tea cozy for mom (Susan, I'll explain more about the combination with the "theelichtje" ;) ) Can't have it all, can you ;)?

Also finished: march pinkeep from Maryse.

But that's not all cause I've been really busy.... in my garden. Our garden is still very bare, cause when we bought our house it had to be build and funny enough our "Bob the builder" didn't spent any money or time on the garden to go with it :$.
It has ofcourse the advantage of putting in your own favorite plants and flowers, but boy, it's a lot of work!

I've got more to share, but DH is on a business trip and he's got the "photo-to-computer-cord" so pictures will have to wait for a bit ;).
That's all for now.... No, wait! My may goals have to be posted....

goals for may:
1. join in the SMO "happy may days" SAL
2. start with Willeke's RR
3. make a few fob's
4. finish the biscornu (half done)
5. finish and send FBI projects (now this makes you a bit curious, doesn't it LOL)
6....... dare I put it here again? The tea cozy..... 

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Lula zei

I think you did really well with your april goals and can't wait to see some pics of the garden