zondag, april 05, 2009


Hi all, here's a quick reminder of what I was supposed to do in februari:

1. Stitch and mail Diana's RR. 
2. Finally put the sewing machine on the table and make the finished stitchings into real finishes.
3. Finish the dragon I'm stitching for Jan (my eldest).
4. Non stitchy, finally make my mum a tea cozy (I intended to do that about 3 years ago, so another big chunck of shame on me)
5. If there's time left I would love to start stitching for my sister. I bought her a great design, but I can't show it, cause she 's reading my blog also (making a funny face at you Suzan :) ).

I didn't get much done, although I did stitch my part on the RR from Diana. That was enough reason for me not to blog ;).

A special day was februari 23rd, when we did celebrate our 12,5 year wedding anniversary! "Nothing to make a fuss about" and "it isn't a difficult thing to be married" are the things I've always said, but nowadays it seems to be quite something to be married after all these years (.....). I decided on a small celebration with our own family, mum and dad added, nice dinner and a hardanger heart specially made for us.

March was another just-4-me month and I did several things. They all had something to do with a march 21st. This was the day that Marne came to visit us at a crazy bee (get together with members of the crazy exchange group). This was a rather special occassion, because Marne, from America, was visiting the Netherlands. Simone was our host, thanks again Simone, and we had a great day.

This bee was a perfect "excuse" to finally get some finishes done. Seeing all these unfinished stitchings made me feel a bit awkward, so I started .....
Maryse's januari pinkeep, a bookmark for Teun en Jan, a little present for Marne:

a cute L*K the stitchy part long finished....

Meanwhile I had a little more time for myself and I also stitched Maryse's pinkeep for march and I made a start at my Susanne project....

Now for the april goals:
1. finish and send Chantal's RR.
2. put a few more stitches in Susanne's project.
3. finally make at least a start with that tea cozy for mom (Susan, I'll explain more about the combination with the "theelichtje" ;) )

Then there's more to be told, I've been busy gardening. The weather is turning really spring-a-licious these days and it gives me the urge to go outside. Our garden is still not much fun, since we decided to get the inside of our house done first. With all that being about done, the outside needs some work as well. There are already some apple trees in our garden and some flowers, but it'll take some time and elbow grease to get it right.

One last thing I wanted to mention is a new stitchy project. Papillon creations has a new "free"bee out, it's called "Castles in the Air". It's a mystery in 24 (?!) parts with beautiful specialty stitches. I think the time is ripe for me to try this. Perhaps you've seen pictures of the last SAL ("How does your garden grow") and this was a beauty as well.

Well, enough to be doing, see you next time!

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